Credit Card within One Month

I’d like to share my experience of getting my Credit Card from American Express within one Month upon arrival in the United States.
Some Dates involved:
Arrival in Cleveland:   2 Aug
Go International Student Service to get my job letter:    15 Aug (after at least 10days) and Sesurity Office closed at 4, so  I waited till the next day.
Go Social Security Office to Apply SSN: 16 Aug
Get SSN Number:   17  Aug (Only Number; SSN card got 22 Aug)
Apply Credit Card: 17 Aug
Blue Cash For Student . AmEx
Add tuition and fees plus fellwoship as "House Hold income"
Check Status (search "card application status") on 19<?> told me to verify "Billing Address" i had no phone, so waited till monday
Phoned AmEx to verify information they needed on 22 Aug.  APPROVED.
Sep 1st. Card Received by mail.
Citibank Dividend Platium Select Card
Aug 30. Rejection by mail for no credit history. I should try " … for college student" hehe

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