Guest tips:

1. Wear non-cotton clothes. It is not an intense sport, but you should be able to move around freely. Don’t wear jeans.

2. Bring 1) plenty water 2) sunscreen 3) Hat 4) Clothes, shoes for change, towel. The chance falling into water is small but possible.

3. Option: gloves (for handling ropes)

4. Warning: don’t bring anything valuable onto the water.

Tips for me:

1. Furl the jib to let the guest relax.

2. Watch out gybing when docking


1. Why are you interested in sailing?
2. What do you imagine/perception about sailing? Relaxing/Intense?
3. What is the most important? Safety.

  1. Watch the boom, stay low
  2. Capsize: are you OK?
  3. Watch for collision
  4. Balance the boat
  5. Control the jib


  1. the boat components
  2. point of sail
  3. tacking/gybing
  4. yelling
  5. wind direction
  6. goal