Add Bluetooth or Inline Remote Mic Cable to Koss KSC75 Headphone

Koss KSC75 is a legendary on-ear clip headphone. It provides stunning high-fidelity sound with unbeatable price. All the 5 star reviews say it all.

I have two of these. One had a wire problem near the plug. I need to replace the cable. I always want to add inline remote and mic to the KSC75 so I can use the headphone more conveniently with my smartphone.

For the other one, which is still perfectly working, I want to convert to a bluetooth headphone. Here is what I have after some simple sodlering.

Opening KSC75:

You carefully remove the ear clip and plastic cover to reveal the solder points.

Inline remote and mic cable KSC75:

I bought this DIY inline remote and mic cable from AliExpress for less than $3.

Bluetooth KSC75:

I bought this DIY bluetooth cable from AliExpress for about $11. It is bluetooth 4.0. Now I have both the convenience of Bluetooth and superior sound of KSC75.

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