Add Bluetooth or Inline Remote Mic Cable to Koss KSC75 Headphone

Koss KSC75 is a legendary on-ear clip headphone. It provides stunning high-fidelity sound with unbeatable price. All the 5 star reviews say it all.

I have two of these. One had a wire problem near the plug. I need to replace the cable. I always want to add inline remote and mic to the KSC75 so I can use the headphone more conveniently with my smartphone.

For the other one, which is still perfectly working, I want to convert to a bluetooth headphone. Here is what I have after some simple soldering.

Opening KSC75:

You carefully remove the ear clip and plastic cover to reveal the solder points.

Inline remote and mic cable KSC75:

I bought this DIY inline remote and mic cable from AliExpress for less than $3.

Bluetooth KSC75:

I bought this DIY bluetooth cable from AliExpress for about $11. It is bluetooth 4.0. Now I have both the convenience of Bluetooth and superior sound of KSC75.

13 thoughts on “Add Bluetooth or Inline Remote Mic Cable to Koss KSC75 Headphone

  1. I was just thinking this and I found you’ve already done it.

    How long the battery lasts? is it comfortable to wear?

    1. I am pretty satisfied. As comfortable as I wanted. You may want to buy some clips on AliExpress to fix it to clothes when needed.

  2. Great piece of advice with that Bluetooth mod! I didn’t even realize they made those things with battery and buttons already built in and ready to solder on to headphones. Does that one you used support APTX or is it just SBC?

    1. I am still using it after 1.5 years. I have not notice a drop in battery life, although I am not using it very heavily.

      1. Great! and how many hours of playback can last? Am almost pulling the trigger with that module. cheers!

  3. How did you solder the mic side wire? I stripped the wires and there is 4. It is the side with the red wires. However, in your picture you already covered it. There are only 2 pads.

      1. There is a blue wire and then a copper wrapped with red that I don’t know what it goes to. There are another 2 wires red and ground that I soldered but it doesn’t work. I am stuck haha. Here is a picture. If you zoom in you can see the other 2 strands.

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