Websites, organizations, clubs: A list of ventures I started

Transition from non-active to active

1. CS-weekly /

Chinese culture.

2. pbwiki / / eastseal – / pkubio

My journey in website building started with Case Western Reserve University. When I initiated a pbwiki site to share information about Cleveland and Case Western. It didn’t get much attention. However, Zhong Wang, the former president was very encouraging. Then I get more interested in making websites. Besides, I also started these website: A news translation website about hanfu costumes in China. I followed Chinese news about hanfu and translate them into English. Hope I can bridge the language gap between east and western culture. The website eventually failed and I lost my enthusiasm. A few lessons learned: 1) I overestimated the needs for such information outside the Chinese culture. 2) I am not a hanfu expert or cult; I am not a big translation fan either 3) News translation is really of little value; and even those news themselves had little value. I originally planned to build a website devoted to Chinese seal carving. Met similar problems as hanfu. The need is low, not to mention in English; I am not really an expert, I cannot contribute that much. I ended up making an inactive website for my master LiShengShi. I felt we needed a website for our reunion. So I created this website. It’s doing what it supposed to do. I don’t think it will grow much as I originally speculated. We are still a loose organization.

3. BioEquity / PSIC

I have long been interested in finance and investing since the craze in 2007

4. Bike Club

I bought my Trek 7000 happily in August 2006, when summer is partly over. I rode back from the B&K bike store in Mayfield. Then I decided to start a bike club, which I always dreamed to join in college. Over the years, we had a few close members: Feng Xue, Qingjiang Li, Chao Fang. And a few pop-ups: Wang Yang, Wenqian Hu, Mingming Zhang. Lesson learned: those who are interested will always try to make it; those who are not interested will not come anyway.