The Season is Coming

Today I went to our BSTP office, and saw they were busy with the application documents.  Debbie told me there are lots of applications from China, she even hired a chinese girl to collect the stamps(what is the salary, i wonder).  I asked:

— Are there any applications from Peking University?
— There should be some.  We will be very busy in the next three month till the end of year.
— Oh, they should increase your pay during this time~
    I hope I could have some schoolmates or even classmates from PKU in BSTP next year.
— I am sure.

It’s just a joke.  Anyway, Wish everyone has every success in 2005 PhD application!
Everyone goes to top20 schools.  If so, I will be happy even if nobody will come to case to console Vie’s lonely heart 🙂

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