Mac or Win?


Students, confer with your PI to determine whether you want a Windows (DOS) based or Apple (Mac) based laptop. If you select the Apple, the PI will have to pay the department $170.01 of their own funds prior to ordering the laptop.

虽然不知道具体的品牌和型号,但是不出意外的话,Windows Based应该是Dell,所以不管Apple是iBook还是Powerbook甚至Macbook(0.0001%Feasblty-_-!),俺都觉得是Apple好。mmm,老板也prefer Mac,hoho 不过要是真买了Apple Mac,肯定一堆麻烦事。况且,Apple现在处于变革期啊

刚出手搞定手机(Treo650@VRZ),就有这么好的事下来,不错不错 欢迎来信来电垂询号码:)


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