Birthday – Say something about Clinton

Today is my birthday.  Thanks to my parents, my dear friends, all the others …

This afternoon I had a casual talk with David, an american in my lab, about all kinds of things.  Music, Rock, Famous people, Language, Leisure… After some talking about the sino-US relationship, we transfered the topic to the US presidents.  I said:

– Some people say that Clinton, Bill maybe the fourth greatest president throughout the history.
– No. that’s completely false.  I hate Clinton.  He was the very reason why people roted G Bush to White House.
– why?  why do people hate Clinton so much …?
– He is a dirty man, very dirty.  He even brought a hot water pool into White House, the only one to do this,  for his "FUN GAME".
– Really?  I never heard that before …
– He told everyone that he is different, he would be a different president in the history. But he is just the same.  This disappointed us so much.
– However, he gave the United States a lon term economic burst in the end of last century.
– Well. Usually, President has nothing to do with the economy.  The economy goes up and down periodly.  That may just because of the contribution of High-Tech industry.
– mmmm… -_-

Several years ago, when I was in HSYFZ, we ever asked our foreign english teacher, an american madam, for her opinion on Clinton’s scandal.  I still remember what she said:

"Well.  He is really a man.  It happens as to a man"

Well.  He is really not a good man.

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