Apple新品不断 13寸宽屏Intel IBook?

The Odds at Macworld <Jan 9-13 @三番市>

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on Wednesday January 04, @09:19AM
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Moby Cock writes "Jason O’Grady has posted the odds
on what is to be announced at the Macworld Expo beginning next week.
Coming in at 100:1 is OS X 10.5 and even money on a new and sexy Intel
Mac Minis and iBooks. Gentlemen, start your credit cards."


4 thoughts on “Apple新品不断 13寸宽屏Intel IBook?

  1. So nice and cute!!! Someone said it is made for the ladies^_^
    With Mac. you can save so many trouble with the unix processing programs!!!

  2. 以后应该买3台电脑,一个iBook背着随身用,一个Linux服务器,一个台式机装ReactOS用来玩中文RPG

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